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PaFF 13 - Results

8th November 2014 - 2014/2015 Season


Gold medal for Sportsmanship

Daniel, FiF North Merchiston

Age-group Champions

Year in
FiF Meggetland
PS Bonaly
FF Craiglockhart
FiF Bruntsfield
FiF North Merchiston
FiF North Merchiston
FiF Meggetland
FiF North Merchiston
Edinburgh FC
Dunblane FC

Best Club (11 entered)

11th: FiF Ratho, 2 pts
10th: Fencing Fun, 3 pts
9th: Premier Sport Bonaly, 9 pts
8th: FiF St.Peter's, 14 pts
7th: Dunblane FC, 21 pts
6th: St Andrews FC, 25 pts
5th: Edinburgh FC, 27 pts
4th: FiF Carrickvale, 31 pts
Bronze: FiF Meggetland, 40 pts
Silver: FiF N.Merchiston, 101 pts
Trophy: FiF Bruntsfield, 104 pts

Best School
(17 entered, from 5 local authorities and the independent sector)

17th=: Currie Primary & St. Joseph's Primary
15th: S. Morningside Primary, 4 pts
14th: Seafield Primary, W. Lothian, 5 pts
13th: Craiglockhart Primary, 6 pts
12th: Bonaly Primary, 12pts
11th: Lawhead Primary, Fife, 14 pts
10th: Hawthornden Primary, Midlothian, 16 pts
9th: Greyfriars Primary, Fife, 17 pts
8th: Balgreen Primary, 18 pts
7th: Carrick Knowe Primary, 19 pts
6th: St. Mary's Episcopal Primary, Stirlingshire, 24 pts
5th: St. Peter's Primary, 28 pts
4th: The Mary Erskine School, 29 pts
Bronze: Tollcross Primary, 30 pts
Silver: Edinburgh Steiner School, 114 pts
Trophy: Bruntsfield Primary, 124 pts

The Bracewell Trophy for Form & Technique

Bronze: Liam, FiF Bruntsfield
Silver: Tom, FiF North Merchiston
Trophy: Euan, Dunblane FC

The funLeague

Pool Final Results

League Division A
League Division B
League Division C
League Division D
League Division E

Pool sheets showing the score of every bout

Seeding Round 1

Group 1   Group 2   Group 3   Group 4   Group 5  

Seeding Round 2

Group 1   Group 2   Group 3   Group 4   Group 5  

Final Round

Division A   Division B   Division C   Division D   Division E  

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About Us

The Plastic-and-Foam Fencing FunLeague has been set up to give all the young children in Scotland who fence with plastic or foam weapons the chance to meet up and challenge their fellow junior fencers.

The children are streamed with other fencers of very similiar ability, and there are no elimination rounds.  Everyone gets a full afternoon's fencing.

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